Our founders were always car aficionados. They knew they wanted to parlay their passion for cars into a
business. Although not very good with the technical side of cars, they had a knack for aesthetics and saw
a need in the market for eye catching and affordable stickers. Several years later they built the little
sticker store and the rest is history.
Whether you’ve got American muscle, a supra or even a station wagon, they have the stickers for you.
They pride themselves on remarkable stickers at reasonable prices. The little sticker store is for
everyone. Whether it’s your first set of keys or fifth, the little sticker store has something for those in all
walks a life.
The little sticker store also prides itself on being inclusive in a predominantly male driven industry. From
our front office to customer service and beyond, the little sticker store does not discriminate.
Go ahead and let your uniqueness shine with something awesome from the little sticker store.